FBIAA Memorial College Fund

The FBIAA Memorial College Fund (MCF) was founded in 1985 in memory of FBI Special Agents Ernest Burchette, Robert Conners, Charles Ellington, Terry Hereford, and Michael Lynch, who lost their lives in two separate incidents in 1982.

The FBIAA Memorial College Fund (MCF) provides college scholarships to the children and spouses of FBI Agents who have passed away while actively employed by the FBI or within one year of retiring from active service. The cause of death of these agents can be line of duty including those deaths from 9/11 certified illnesses, an accident, illness, or natural causes. We currently pay 75% of the student’s total bill, including tuition, room, board, books and a one-time laptop allowance. Students attend the college of their choice as long as they maintain full-time status and remain in good standing.

Since its inception, the Fund has assisted 260 children and distributed over $9.0 million in college tuition money. In the academic year 2020-2021, 31 students received scholarships totaling approximately $628,000, averaging $20,260 per student for the 20-21 school year.

This program services students across the country. Last year we provided funds for students from 19 different states who attended 27 different colleges and universities.

As of mid 2021, there are 80 children who will be eligible for the MCF, but they are not yet of college age. There are an additional 12 children of deceased agents who have not participated in the MCF to date but are eligible should they decide to pursue an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Several of these 12 are working through significant issues because of the parent's loss and hope to participate in the future.

While we look back 20 years to the events of 9/11, we are reminded of the continued loss of life from these attacks. The FBI lost SABT Lenny Hatton when the World Trade Center towers fell. The cost to our organization and the FBI family continues. We have lost 15 more Special Agents to illnesses attributed to their response and work at the sites where the planes crashed. To date, the MCF program has assisted 10 children of the 9/11 fallen achieve their college educations. We currently are assisting six more, and there are 7 more who we hope will participate in the program. Our organization worked closely with the FBI to ensure these Agents are recognized for their sacrifice, and the families receive the support that they deserve. We hope that it is not the case, but we are planning for additional Special Agents to be added to those lost in the line of duty related to 9/11, as we know of approximately 75 who are fighting various illnesses.